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At Awesome Genealogy, We strive to help you in your family tree search for records of census, births, deaths, and marriages.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned researcher, Awesome Genealogy will connect you with the best vital record links out!

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Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Family Trees

The Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Family Trees is a huge resource of free material on how to find your ancestors. It includes lessons, tips for specific countries and easy to understand guides. Click here to visit the Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Family Trees!
Common Surnames:

Adams, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Bailey, Baker, Barnes, Bell, Bennett, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Butler, Campbell, Carter, Clark, Coleman, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Cox, Davis, Diaz, Edwards, Evans, Flores, Foster, Garcia, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Gray, Green, Griffin, Hall, Harris, Hayes, Henderson, Hernandez, Hill, Howard, Hughes, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, King, Lee, Lewis, Long, Lopez, Martin, Martinez, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Murphy, Nelson, Parker, Patterson, Perez, Perry, Peterson, Phillips, Powell, Price, Ramirez, Reed, Richardson, Rivera, Roberts, Robinson, Rodriguez, Rogers, Ross, Russell, Sanchez, Sanders, Scott, Simmons, Smith, Stewart, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Torres, Turner, Walker, Ward, Washington, Watson, White, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Young.

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