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Hessian Settlers in Germantown, Wisconsin

Transcribed by March 2003



Anton, Phillip

Beck, William
Beckner, Ludwig
Berg, John
Biehl, George
Biehl, Philip
Bitz, Conrad
Bock, John
Brelfuges, Jacob
Brill, George

Dexheimer, Henry
Diefenthal, John

Glensman, Adam
Gilbert, John
Goettelmann, Peter
Grief, Joachim
Griesmer, John
Grody, Andrew Grody, Johann

Hock, Jacob
Holl, Jacob
Huebenthal, John C

Jung, John

Keaks, Valentine
Kissinger, John
Kramer, Adam
Kranz, George

Landgraf, Andrew
Laubenheimer, Margreth
Lieben, Henry
Lieben, Jacob
Lind, Frederick
Loos, Jacob

Mann, Fried
Mayer, Michael
Meuhl, Friedrick
Muehl, Henry

Reickardt, Peter
Ruehl, Philip

Schaetzal, Valentin
Schaumber, John
Schmidt, William
Schneider, Jacob
Schneider, Regina
Schnell, Adam
Schwalbach, John
Schwalbach, Valentin
Senft, Louis
Stark, Charles
Stark, Christian
Steinnets, Jacob
Straub, Jacob
Straub, William

Tensch, Menchoir
Thean, Gerhard
Tuschesherer, William

Wagneknecht, Phillip
Wasmuth, William
Weimer, Louis
Wetterau, Andrew
Wetterau, William
Wolf, Adam
Wolf, Jacob

Zimmermann, Phillip


Transcribed by March 2003

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