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Genealogical Information Published in the Philadelphische Correspondenz by Melchior Steiner in 1784 of German settlers in Philadelphia/Germantown and the surrounding area

Transcribed by December 2003
Source: Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory page 168-172
By: Hocker 1980


January 6, 1784

Georg Greber, Macungie Township (Lehigh County), has a son, David Greber, a nailsmith.

January 20, 1784

Friedrich Vogel, New Hanover Township (Montgomery County), advertises that his servant, Jacob Raab, ran away. He is 30 years old and a deserter from the Hessian troops. Notify Georg Vogel, Third street, Philadelphia.

January 27, 1784

Daniel Koerschner, Head of Elk, Maryland, is going to Germany. He is a native of Landau.

February 10, 1784

Johannes Cress is going to Germany in March. He is a native of Steinau an der Strasse.

February 14, 1784

Henrich Seytel, Bern Township, Berks County, near the Reformed Church, is going to Germany in March. He is a native of Breischdorf, Alsace.

March 2, 1784

Andreas Weiler, Douglass Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery), is going to Germany. He is a native of Sprenglingen, two hours from Creutzenach.

Jacob Kugler, innkeeper, Frederick Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery).

March 9, 1784

Jacob Keiler, Jr., Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, inquires for Friedrich Dobelbauer, son of Christoph Dobelbauer, a dyer.

Christian Knob, Christian Bauman, Adam Brua and Christian Gut, millstone cutters, Cocalico Township, Lancaster County.

March 17, 1784

Johann Stein removes from the George Washington inn, Vine street, to the Black Bear inn, Market street, near Fifth, Philadelphia, which he will conduct.

March 30, 1784

Jacob Mytinger begins business in the George Washington inn, Vine street, between Second and Third, Philadelphia where Johann Stein was.

April 6, 1784

Berthold Henrich Giese, just arrived from Hamburg, 30 years old, writes a good hand, can shave and wait on table, seeks employment for pay for his passage.

April 27, 1784

Paul Merckle, living in Skippack (Montgomery County), with his relative, the well known Abraham Merckle, has become a resident of this country, with his family. He has letters for various person which he brought with him from Germany last autumn. He is going to Germany this summer, leaving on June 24.

May 11, 1784

Carl Gemberling, Market Street, Philadelphia, advertises that his shoemaker apprentice, Abraham Krausz, ran away. He is a native-born German, 20 years old.

Johannes Noecker, Bern Township, Berks County, nine miles from Reading, advertises that his servant, Henrich Kirsch, ran away. Kirsch was a Brunswick soldier, nearly 50 years old, who was sold to Noecker.

May 25, 1784

Johannes Schmidt, Donegal Township, Lancaster County, inquires for Henrich Stauffer, his brother-in-law, a son of the late Daniel Stauffer, of Mount Joy Township, Lancaster County.

June 15, 1784

Philip Zeller, dealer in dry goods and wet goods, removes into the former house of Mr. Spiegel, Race street, between Third and Fourth, Philadelphia, on the north side, opposite the King of Prussia inn, Michael Hay, landlord and near the German Reformed Church.

Gottfried Haga, dry and wet goods, removes into the house Colonel Jacob Morgan formerly liveds, adjoining Mr. Steiner, publisher of this paper, Race street, between Second aned Third, Philadelphia.

June 29, 1784

Alexander Benson, Water street, Philadelphia, advertises that his shoemaker apprentice, Andreas Debre, 17-18 years old ran away.

Johannes Schmidt, Springfield Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery), inquires for the brother of his father, Jost Schmidt, who has been in America thirty years and who was born at Amt Wetter, Nieder Espy, Hesse.

July 6, 1784

Johann Jacob Flenne gives notice to his brothers and sisters, Johannes Flenne, Johann Henrich Flenne, Elisabeth Miller, Catharina Flenne and Maria Flenne, the he is in Cheltenham Township (Montgomery County), living with Rynier Hallowell, and has heard nothing of them for ten years.

July 13, 1784

Dr. Bodo Otto and Son has stocked their apothecary shop in Reading with fresh drugs.

Balthaser Vettermann, Upper Milford Township (Lehigh County), notifies Philip Peter Huft that his father, Johannes Georg Huft, has died and left his children 10#.

October 19, 1784

Jacob Lehre, German and English scrivener, Callowhill street, near Second, Philadelphia.

Philip Rothenhauser, Luneburg, Nova Scotia, inquires for Johann Philip Manweit, who was with a Philadelphia baker several years ago.

Johannes Scheibely, organ maker, New Holland, Lancaster County.

Johannes Rheiner, from Frankfurt on the Main, conducts a store in Jacob Dieterich's tobacco manufactory, Third street, opposite the Eagle inn, between Vine and Race streets, Philadelphia.

October 26, 1784

Inquires for
Johannes Manner, from Geiszlingen, near Ulm, merchant.
Johann Christoph Hochetsen, Ulm, clockmaker.
Friedrich Riedel, Bareuth, former officer with the Anspach troops.
Johann Schweitzer, or Schwizki, Zurich, former French officer.
Georg Wachter, merchant, of Memmingen, who was married in 1769 at Upper Hanover (Montgomery County) to a daughter of Michel Rith, shoemaker.
Maria Barbara Hennerin, Ulm, believed to have been in Philadelphia at some time since 1774.
Joh. Christoph Ehninger, from Goeppingen, Wurtemberg, believed to own a brandy distillery in interior Pennsylvania. His sister-in-law is the widow of Johann Georg Vetters, butcher, from Goeppingen, who died in Philadelphia several years ago.

Johann Wasser, experienced doctor from Canton, Zurich, Switzerland, has settled in Philadelphia and may be consulted at the Golden Swan inn, Third Street.

Inquiry for Friederich Herman van Gemund, born in Hanau, enlisted in the Jaegercorps in Heilbrun at the beginning of February, 1776, and later was transferred to the Thirty-third English Regiment, but since September, 1777, he was for some time in Albany.

November 2, 1784

Inquiry for August Johannes Fricke, who came to America as a cadet with the Brunswick troops in 1776, was captured in 1777, and in 1778 joined the American army. His relatives in Wolfenbuettel inquire for him.

Geog Friedrich Boehmer, Reformed schoolmaster in Cohansey (Salem County, N.J.).

Elias Wiand, Reformed schoolmster in Goshenhoppen.

Georg Friedrich Bockenwadel, Berks County, one mile from the Warm Springs.

Joh. Georg May, horseshoer, twelve miles from Philadelphia.

Joh. Jacob Solzer, from Hausen, near Frankfort on the Main.

Adam Schweiggert, from Worms.

Joh. Martin Voltz, from Boeckingen.

Dr. Hornbaum, Charleston, South Carolina.

Nicolaus Suter, Lebanon.

November 16, 1784

Joh. Friedrich Langenberg and Company, from Hamburg, remove their store from Water street to Second street, between Vine and Race, Philadelphia, in Mrs. McFan's house, opposite the Black Bear inn.

Johannes Dentzel advertises that his servant, Johannes Hamman, ran away. He is 35 years old and arrived recently on the ship Van Berkel, Captain William Campbell.

Sebastian Roth, livery stable, Fifth and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia; sign of the Volunteer.

December 14, 1784

Philip Bayer, with William Jones, two miles from Philadelphia, inquires for Matthias Bayer, "Kaercher," believed to be in Philadelphia, and Michael Bauer, linenweaver, believed to be in New England. Both were born at Liebenstadt, near Heilbrun, Wurtemberg, and came to America thirty years ago.

Information is sought about Ludwig Carl Hausmann, born in Hesse Hanau, son of the late Hesse Cassel First Lieutenant Franz Theodor Hausmann. He came to America with the Hesse Hanau troops as fire worker, was at the Albemarle Barracks, Virginia, left there in June, 1780, and is believed to have been in Rockingham County, Virginia, with the brothers Zeller and later with Colonel Schmidt, but after he left there nothing further is known about him.


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