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Genealogical Information Published in the Wochentlicher Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote by Heinrich Miller in 1770 of German settlers in Philadelphia/Germantown and the surrounding area

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory page 101
By: Hocker 1980


May 22, 1770

Maria Barbara Koeblin, care of Thomas Clime, a Quaker, at Pequea, advertises that her daughter, aged 18 years, left the little Brandywine last Christmas for Lancaster to enter service, and nothing has since been heard of her.

Melchior Stecher, Forks Township, Northampton County, three miles from Nazareth.

Peter Roth, Kensington, Philadelphia County.

Christian Weicks, Exeter Township, Berks County.

June 5, 1770

William Kerlin, on the Brandywine at Chadd's ford.

June 12, 1770

Dietrich Beyerle, care of Dietrich Taub, shoemaker, Second street, near Vine, Philadelphia, born in Langen Kandel, in Zweibrueckischen, near Landau, is going abroad.

Joh. Henrich Oberlander, beer brewer, Philadelphia.

Philip Matthes, smith servant, Lebanon Township (Lebanon County).

Joh. Adam Bausch, Middletown Township, Chester County (now Delaware County).

Joh. Bernh. Schuhman, Broad Bay, New England.

Philip Albrecht Mueller, Mecklenberg Township, on the cold Water, North Carolina.

Joh. Henrich Frey, Lebanon Township (Lebanon County).

Nicolaus Daumenlang, Frederick, Maryland.

Tobias Horein and Peter Wedel, Maryland, near Conegetschick.

Joh. Friedrich Riehl, Frederick, Md.

Carl Friedrich Siebert, butcher, Oley, Berks County.

Susanna Stoehrin, servant with Thomas Leavesley, a half hour from Germantown (Roxborough Township, Philadelphia County).

Jacob Beyer, Eyster Township, in Schwartzwald.

Jacob Lorch, from Druchtelfingen, Wurtemberg.

Andreas Roller, from Estelbrunn, Wurtemberg.

Hans Georg Kirn, from Goszen Astbach, Wurtemberg.

Christoph Mohr, York.

June 19, 1770

Friedrich Becker, Salisbury Township, Lancaster County.

June 26, 1770

Bernhard Lawersweiler, inn, Second street, Philadelphia, in the house where the later William Clempfer lived.

July 3, 1770

James Nevell's inn, the Rainbow, Northern Liberties of Philadelphia.

David Brisch, Exeter Township, Berks County.

Conrad Weber, Germantown.

July 24, 1770

Andreas Boszhart, shoemaker, Second street, Philadelphia, advertises that his apprentice, Jacob Peter, 19 years old, ran away.

Peter Hallom, Lancaster, advertises that his German servant, Martin Braun, 23-24 years old, ran away.

Lenert Lebo, Exeter Township, Berks County.

July 31, 1770

Georg Hoeppler, shoemaker, Providence Township (Montgomery County), advertises that his English apprentice, George Hutchinson, 16 years old, ran away.

Philip Crist, Paradise Township, York County, seven miles from York.

August 7, 1770

Johann Leonhard Zemsch, son of Wilhelm Friedrich Zemsch, former citizen and master needlemaker of Rotenburg, ob der Tauber, Frankischen Kreis (Franconia), left home in 1752 for the third time as a journeyman in the needle craft, going with his cousin, Jung, a needlemakere from Marggraflichen Boodischen.

Residenz Stadt Durlach, and the Jung family. On the Stedman ship they went to New England and landed with Benjamin Shoemaker, merchant, in Philadelphia. Zemsch was indentured for his passage costs to an Irish miller, and his relatives heard nothing further about him. Information about Zemsch may be sent to the Rev. Mr. Muhlenberg.

August 14, 1770

Henrich Diebenberger, gunsmith, has removed from Second street to Market street, Philadelphia, the second house from the Black Bear inn.

Daniel MacFarland, Mount Holly, N.J., advertises that his German servant, Martin Lang, 38 years old, ran away.

Adam Eckart, dealer in windmills, Market street, Philadelphia, second house from Fifth.

Henrich Mueller, Vincent Township, Chester County; wife, Anna Maria.

September 18, 1770

Johannes Jun, on French Creek, Chester County, near Sebastian Kiely's inn, advertises that his German servant, Johann Nickel Huber, ran away.

Johannes Zeller, dealer in salt, Race street, corner of Third, Philadelphia.

Stephen Riegler, on Mrs. Master's place, near the Governor's mill, Philadelphia County.

Richard Wister advertises that his German servant, Adam Coopas, 18-19 years old, ran away from the Glass House, Salem County, New Jersey.

Jacob Seitz, Strasburg Township, Lancaster County.

Christoph Windhauer, on Muddy Creek.

October 2, 1770

Johann Berend, from Lisbon, carpenter and instrument maker, south side of Race street, between Third street and Moravian alley, Philadelphia, makes musical instruments.

October 9, 1770

Catharina Retterin, care of Georg Eyerich, near Yellow Springs, Pikeland Township, Chester County, came to America sixteen years ago with her father, Melchior Retter, now dead, her mother, Eva, her eldest sister, Anna Maria, her second sister, Margaretha, and her third sister, Magadalena. These three sisters were indentured in Philadelphia, and Catharina was indentured to Lorenz Hippel, in the country (in dem Busch). She seeks news of her family.

Peter Schott, Lower Milford Township, Bucks County, in the Great Swamp.

October 23, 1770

Johann Gilbert, doctor and chirurgus, has removed from Market street to Race street, opposite the Green Tree inn, between Second and Third, Philadelphia.

Johann Jacob Muehle, Conestoga Township, Lancaster County, advertises that his Irish servant ran away. He is 18-20 years old, and his name has been forgotten.

Elias Davison, Antrim Township, Cumberland County, advertises that his servant, Thomas Jones, ran away. He was born in Wales, and is 21 years old.

Andreas Schaefter, baker, Vine street, Philadelphia.

Bernhard Franck, Earl Township, Lancaster County.

October 30, 1770

Robert Armstrong, Fort Halifax, Upper Paxton Township, Lancaster County (now Dauphin), advertises that his Irish servant, James MacKinsey, ran away. He is 27 years old and arrived at New York seven years ago.

Dorothea Elisabeth Weberin, Germantown, on Christoph Meng's place, advertises a weaving frame for sale.

Christian Lehman, scrivener in Germantown for many years, has removed to Philadelphia, at the northwest corner house of Mr. Druckenmiller, between Race and Third streets. He is a surveyor, and he also sells nursery stock.

November 6, 1770

Johannes Andreas Messerschmidt advertises that his indentured boy, Johannes Kerner, 20 years old, ran away with an apprentice names Wolskiels, 17 years old, whose father lives in Lancaster and his grandfather in Ephrata.


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