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Genealogical Information Published in the Pennsylvanische Geschichts-Schreiber by Christoper Sauer in 1753 of German settlers in Philadelphia/Germantown and the surrounding area

Transcribed by April 2003
Source: Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory
By: Hocker 1980


April 1, 1753

Alexander Zartman, Warwick Township, Lancaster County, advertises that two of his servants ran away -- Michael Fahner, 24 years old, and his wife, both Wurtembergers.

Johannes Pampus, school teacher in Anweil (N.J.), seeks Johannes Flender and Johann Jacob Trumbach, from Nassau Siegenischen. Inform Peter Jung or Wilhelm Kaesz, Anweil.

Ulrich Gaebi, one mile from Mayberry's furnace (Green Lane, Montgomery County).

David Schaeffer, Second street, Philadelphia, where Christian Schneider formerly lived.

Johannes Wildanger, Bedminster Township, on Tohickon Creek (Bucks County).

Wilhelm Jun, adjoining Michael Ege, Philadelphia.

Jacob Eigner, Macungie (Lehigh County).

May 16, 1753

Johannes Eigender, Egypt, Northampton County (Now Lehigh COunty).

Jacob Mechling and Samuel Mechling offer for sale the plantation of their father, the late Jacob Mechling, in Colebrookdale Township, Berks County, near Thomas Potts' furnace.

Henrich Rosenberger, near Skippack Creek in Franconia Township (Montgomery County), advertises that his German servant, Maria Magdalena Wernerin, 24 years old, ran away.

Henrich Klein, Quitapahilla, Lebanon Township, Lancaster County (now Lebanon County), advertises that his German servant, Johannes Scherer, 40 years old, ran away.

Catharina Gehlerin, 22 years old, was indentured off the ship last autumn. Her parents seek her.

Henrich Brunner, joiner, Upper Saucon (Lehigh County).

Johann Roeszner, Upper Saucon, Northampton County (Now Lehigh County).

Philip Lau and Christian Lau, brothers, Manchester Township, York County, advertise that their German servant, Jacob Dinninger, ran away. He is a miller and was born in Neustadt an den Linden.

Christopher Heumacher, Macungie (Lehigh County).

Daniel Lefever, Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, advertises that his German servant, Johannes Haasz, 18 years old, ran away.

Simon Reichert arrived in America last autumn and is with Vallentin Jung, Upper Saucon (Lehigh County). He understands his daughter, Christina Reichertin, is in service in Conestoga (Lancaster County), and he wants to hear from her..

May 16, 1753

Adam Bach, Quitopahilla, Lebanon Township, Lancaster County (Now Lebanon County).

Widow Maebry, New Hanover Township (Montgomery County), offers a plantation for sale, formerly the property of Philip Kaercher. Information may be had from Bernhart Iserloh, on Pennypack Creek, at the stone bridge (Philadelphia).

Simon Schneider, near Georg Graf, Lancaster.

August 1, 1753

Theobald End, saddler, offers a house for sale at the lower end of Germantown, the former residence of Bernhart Roser, baker.

October 16, 1753

Juliana Fellenzerin, of Creutzenach, came to America ten years ago and was with Jacob Bauman, Germantown. She married a tailor named Wolff, and they went to the Blue Mountains. Her brother, Johannes Feltzer, arrived last year, and awaits news about her at Bastian Neff's -- Schuh Bastel -- at the Crown tavern, outside Germantown.

Peter Werle has resumed business as landlord of the Red Ox inn, at the lower end of Germantown, his license having been renewed.

Johannes Baumann, dealer in Rifles and guns, Germantown.


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