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Naturalization of Germans in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Transcribed by April 2003
Source: New World Immigrants Volume 1 Page 236
By: Tepper 1980


Henry Heinen
December 7, 1815
From East Friesland

Ansel Arnold
September 3, 1817
From Ebenhousen in the Kingdom of Wirtemberg, Born March 2, 1797

Daniel Zacharias
May 1818
From Witgenstein in the Principality of Darmstadt, Born April 22, 1783

Henry Detweiler
May 6, 1818
From Langenbruk in the Canton of Basel in Switzerland, Born Dec 18, 1795

Carl Friedrich Schaeffle
May 6, 1819
From Wirtemberg, Born Aug 29, 1796

Christoph Gottlieb Rettich
May 1819
From Maehringen in the county of Tuebingen, Wirtemberg, Age 22

John Caspar Pfeiffer
September 6, 1820
From Klein Sachsenheim in Wirtemberg, Age 34

Thomas Meyer
September 4, 1820
From Neusylingen, Bavaria, Age 48

George Ising
December 9, 1820
From Denmark.

Jacob Monheimer
December 2, 1818
From County of Retzatkreis in Bavaria, born 1786

Gideon Ibach
September 6, 1816
From Dukedom of Berg in the Cirlce of Westphalia, born in 1785

Gustavus Ibach
September 7, 1816
From Dukedom of Berg in the Cirlce of Westphalia.

Henrich Woolf
August 31, 1818
From Oberdorf, the Kingdom of Wirdenberg.

Daniel Albrecht
May 3, 1825
From Palatinate.

John T. Hollmann
September 5, 1829
From Bremen.

Jacob Agster
September 8, 1829
From Ilsfeld, Kingdom of Wurtemberg.


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