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Naturalization of Germans in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: New World Immigrants Volume 1 Page 233
By: Tepper 1980


Johann Friedrich Huebener
December 22, 1812
From Hamburg, Age 38

David Thim
December 22, 1812
From West Prussia, Age 37

Samuel Heilner
December 22, 1812
From Principality of Wertzburg, Age 24

Johann Christoph Zaenglein
February 24, 1813
From Prussian Koningsberg, Age 37

Nicholas Dick
February 24, 1813
From West Prussia, Age 27

Jacob Guelich
February 2, 1814
From Hamburg, Age 30
Settled in PA 1807

Michael Herlein
May 3, 1814
From County Franconia, in Bavaria, Age 57
Settled in PA 1805

David Trexler
August 29, 1814
From Wirtemberg, Age 31
Settled in PA 1805

Jakob Wilhelm Dechant
February 2, 1814
From Oppenheim, Mentz


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