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Emigrants from Baden-Durlach to Pennsylvania

Transcribed by February 2003
Source: New World Immigrants Volume 1 pages 176-177
By: Tepper 1980


HUNOLD, Matthaus, Reformed, charcoalburner, from Weiler bei Pforzheim, permitted to go to Pennsylvania with wife and child (Ship "Two Brothers", Sept. 21, 1751).

LOBLE, Georg, aged 70, from Wossingen, permitted to travel with his wife to join his four children already settled in Pennsylvania.

WINTHER, Samuel, also from Wossingen, to Pennsylvania with wife and children.

SCHICKLE, Georg, the younger, from Bauschlott, with wife and four children.

ROSSLE, Gabriel, from Wossingen, with wife and three children ("Shirley", Sept 5, 1751)

DURR, Johann Georg, from Nottingen, cooper, unmarried ("Duke of Wirtenberg", Oct. 16, 1751)

SCHMELZLE, Rudolph, from Obermutschelbach.

WILDEMAN, Jacob, also from Obermutschelbach.

MEYER, Hanss Jerg, from Ob ermutschelbach, with wife and four children. (The last two on "Duke of Wirtenberg", Oct 16, 1751)..

WORLICH, Michael, nail-maker at Stein.

HEYD, Jacob, from Grotzingen.

FRANTZ, Jacob, also from Grotzingen, single.

NAGEL, Sebastian, from Blankenloch.

HEMPERL, Elisabetha, from Blankenloch. (Nagel, Frantz and Heyd on ship "Brothers", Sept 16, 1751).

GRONER or KRONER, Jacob, a youth from Bauschlott.

AUGENSTEIN, Christian, Anna Maria, Caspar and Hannss Georg, four unmarried children of Abraham Augenstein, widower, a citizen of Auerbach (See "Two Brothers", Sept 21, 1751, and "Duke of Wirtemberg", Oct 16, 1751.)

HAUER, Bernhardt and Christoph, from Blankenloch, destination not recorded. ("Brothers", Sept 16, 1761.)

REICH, Mattheus, a citizen of Singen, to go to Pennsylvania "Duke of Wirtenberg", Oct 16, 1751).

NAGEL, Joachim, a former grenadier, born at Blankenloch, requested manumission for himself and wife to go to Pennsylvania. ("Brothers", Sept 16, 1751).

BOSSERT, Michael, unmarried, from Bauschlott.

KAUCHER, Michael, unmarried, from Gobrichen (Both above on "Phoenix", Sept 25, 1751.)

KAUCHER, Jacob the younger, of Gobrichen, manumitted with wife and children.

WORNER, Philipp Jacob, a citizen fo Wossingen ("Duke of Wirtenberg", Oct 16, 1751)

HAUSS, Michael of Knielingen, manumitted with his wife. ("Brothers", Sept 16, 1751)

HAUSS, Johannes of Knielingen, wife and children. Found only in the council records. ("Anderson", Aug. 25, 1751).

SCHLICKERS, Ludwig of Knielingen, with wife and stepson.

MUSSGNUNG, David, of Grotzingen. ("Brothers", Sept 16, 1751)

DECKER, Johann Jacob, unmarried, from Weissenstein ("Kitty", Oct 16, 1752)

DILLMANN, Georg of Teutscheneureuth, with wife and two children.

MEINZER, Martin of Knielingen, with wife and two children ("Brothers", Sept 16, 1751)

GRAF (GRAVIN), Barbara, unmarried, from Ispringen.

MEINZER, Johannes, from Hagsfelden, with wife and two children ("Brothers", Sept 16, 1751).

SCHWARZ, Matthias, from Auerbach.

MAYER, Michael, from Bauschlott.

BINDER, Jacob, from Bauschlott, with wife and children.

LOFFLER, Dieterich, from Grotzingen, with wife and 4 children, a tenant farmer. ("Phoenix", Sept 25, 1751).


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