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Colonel Benedict Arnold's Detachment - Soldiers Killed or Wounded

Transcribed by April 2003
Source: Irish Settlers in America Vol. 1
By: Michael J. O'Brien


From "List of soldiers killed, wounded or taken prisoner, who were in Colonel Benedict Arnold's detachment from Cambridge Massachusetts in the expedition against Quebec, September 13, 1775."

Hugh Boyd
Tobias Burke
Roger Casey
John Conner
Edward Conner
Timothy Conner
John Cochran
Martin Clark
Robert Cunningham
Patrick Campbell
Edward Cavener
Michael Clansey
Daniel Doyle
Benjamin Dunphy
Paul Doran
Joseph Dockerty
Patrick Dooland
Michael Fitzpatrick
Solomon Fitzpatrick
Timothy Feely
William Flood
Henry Herrigan
Cornelius Hagerty
James Hayden
Patrick Harrington
Joseph Higgins
Peter Heady
Charles Harkins
John Kelley
Denis Kelley
Patrick Kelley
Joseph Kennyon
Richard Lynch
John McGuire
Barnabas McGuire
Charles McGuire
John Moore
Henry McAnalley
Alexander McCarter
Thomas McIntre
John McCalam
John McLin
William McCoy
Richard McCluer
Henry McGowan
William McLieu
Patrick Newgent
Charles Norris
Daniel O'Hara
William O'Hara
James Patten
Edward Roddin
William Rutlidge
Daniel Rice
Timothy Rice
William Shannon
Patrick Tracy


We hope that this excerpted sample will encourage you to Purchase Irish Settlers in America available from the web site.


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